Manchester Metropolitan University Contemporary Film and Video Degree Show 2008

Manchester with a Movie Camera

Concrete Drift

Concrete Drift

Duration: 09:36

Concrete Drift follows the happenings of Fionn, a nine-year-old boy who drifts through his surroundings with no apparent purpose or meaning. After visiting a friend at an old record store he gets sent on an errand to collect a package. The collection of this ambiguous “package” acts as a catalyst for Fionn’s journey in which he encounters various locals and is forced to deal with situations he would never otherwise find himself in. Concrete Drift is an observational, reflective and, at times, playful film which combines elements of music and the surreal to create a world that is both familiar and yet unknown. It offers a glimpse into the lives of its characters, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions.

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Writer: Jack Whiteley
Director: Jack Whiteley
Director of Photography: David Schofield
Sound Design: Joe Mannion
Editor: Jack Whiteley


Offline Editor: Stephanie Bentley Jones